July 21, 2023

ALANI is Available to All bundleIQ Users

Nicholas Mohnacky

ALANI: AI-Powered Research Assistance for Knowledge Workers

At bundleIQ, we help knowledge workers quickly process and understand large amounts of information, allowing them to ask better questions and gain insights they wouldn't have otherwise. With our conversational AI, you can improve your research capabilities and get the answers you need faster. Let ALANI be your guide in navigating complex data sets so that you can make smarter decisions with confidence.

ALANI Tutorial Video

Streamline Your Research Process

For researchers, ALANI is an invaluable tool for uncovering insights and identifying trends in your data. With its intuitive question-and-answer interface, you can quickly query against your workspaces, bundles, and individual files, saving you time and streamlining your research process.

Unlock Deeper Insights

Journalists can benefit from ALANI's ability to sift through vast amounts of information and find the key facts and figures they need to tell compelling stories. With its conversational prompts, ALANI can help you think critically about the information you're working with, leading to deeper insights and more impactful reporting.

Organize and Optimize Your Studies

Students can use ALANI to stay organized and make the most of their study time. Whether you're working on a term paper or preparing for a final exam, ALANI's question-and-answer interface can help you quickly access the information you need, reducing the time it takes to complete your work and improving your grades.

Uncover Trends

Finally, professional content creators can benefit from ALANI's ability to help them stay on top of industry trends and uncover new insights that can inform their work. Whether you're a marketer, copywriter, or content strategist, ALANI can help you quickly and easily access the information you need to create compelling, engaging content that resonates with your audience.

No matter what field you're in, ALANI is here to help you unlock the full potential of your data and reduce the time to insight. So why wait?

Start using ALANI today and take charge of your sensemaking!

Save queries and sources as a note

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