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Reliable AI for Researchers
Who Require Precision

Alani AI helps researchers tackle complex projects by enabling 7 different large language models (LLMs) and offering two modes – research and writing. It provides precise citations and sources, allowing for effective analysis of large datasets and easy content creation. This makes it an invaluable tool for producing detailed research papers, reports, articles, presentations, and other scholarly materials.
Alani AI offers 7 LLMs

Superior Cognitive

Alani AI's advanced capabilities, including its proprietary Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and diverse range of leading Large Language Models (LLMs), provide insightful analyses and uncover new connections in research. As one of the best AI research tools available, Alani ensures comprehensive understanding.

Large Document

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional research tools. Alani AI seamlessly ingests and intelligently analyzes large volumes of complex documents, including entire books and academic papers. With Alani AI, your vast collection of research materials becomes an invaluable source of insights, accessible with just a few clicks.

Leverage the power of Alani
for as little as $40/mo

We understand the financial constraints faced by individual researchers. That's why we've designed Alani AI to be an accessible and cost-effective solution, ensuring that powerful AI capabilities are within reach, without the need for a hefty investment. Alani is a leading AI research software that fits your budget.

"Alani is in a league of its own, providing extraordinary AI cognition and understanding that surpasses other apps' capabilities." - Tim Rogers PhD.

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