July 21, 2023

ALANI: Your AI-Powered Sidekick

Nicholas Mohnacky

ALANI stands for Always Learning About New Information.

It's an AI-powered sidekick that can help you make better decisions and connect the dots in your thinking by extracting meaningful insights from your data. It is similar to chatGPT but specifically trained on the data you provide.

To get started, create and add content to a bundle.

Organizing content into bundles offers an easy way to segment data by category or topic, making it easier to find the information you need when you need it. Our intuitive interface makes adding new training data a breeze, allowing everyone in your organization to contribute if necessary. Bundling content also facilitates sharing relevant information across departments or teams within your organization, streamlining communication and collaboration.

An example of how you can extract insights from bundles of content

Prompt Engineering

ALANI understands context pretty well, but the more context you offer, the better.

Note: On Mac's press cmd K to activate ALANI; on PC's cntrl K.

Question Example

  • Not This, "What do I need to know about this document?"
  • This, "What does this document say about RNA (insert topic)?"

Prompt Example

  • Not This, "Explain this document to me."
  • This, "Explain the challenges to me like I'm a fifth grader."

Ask Questions or Create Prompts against the data in these areas:

  1. One or more workspaces
  2. An individual bundle
  3. A specific note or PDF
  4. When inside a PDF document, you can click on the Q&A icon in the right sidebar to ask questions or generate prompts against that particular document.
Use ALANI on the note-level as well

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