July 21, 2023

Billing Update: Exciting Changes to bundleIQ Subscriptions

Nicholas Mohnacky

Message to bundleIQ users

Enhancing bundleIQ Subscription Plans

We hope you are well and thriving in your knowledge journey with bundleIQ. We are excited to announce some significant updates to our subscription plans, designed to enhance your experience and provide even more value to your knowledge management and personalized AI assistance.

As we continue to evolve and grow, it is crucial for us to adapt our offerings to meet your expanding requirements. We have carefully considered your feedback and are thrilled to introduce new plans while ensuring a smooth transition for our existing customers.

1. The Bridge Plan (Only for Existing Customers) - $10/mo

For our existing customers on the Individual Plan, we have created a special offering called the Bridge Plan. This plan has been crafted exclusively for you, and it will retain the spirit of your current plan while introducing exciting new features. The Bridge Plan will not be available to the public or new users.

Here's a breakdown of the Bridge Plan:

  • ALANI Chat: Create a chatbot
  • Bundles: Get 2,500 pages worth of data (equivalent to ~10 books)
  • Prompts: Get 25 prompts per month for AI-powered knowledge assistance
  • No More Variable Costs: We removed IQ Credits

By transitioning to the Bridge Plan, you will enjoy a simplified pricing structure and greater flexibility with your usage. This change will occur automatically, so you don't need to take any action.

2. New Individual Plan: Unlocking Enhanced Capabilities - $40/mo

We are thrilled to introduce the all-new Individual Plan, tailored to take your knowledge management to the next level. Priced at $40 per month, this plan offers an array of new and exciting features:

  • ALANI chat: Create a chatbot
  • Bundles: Get 10,000 pages worth of data (equivalent to ~40 books)
  • Prompts: Get 100 prompts per month for AI-powered knowledge assistance
  • Subscribers: Offer up to 100 subscribers (read-only guests) access to your chatbot

With these expanded capabilities, you can leverage bundleIQ to create powerful chatbots that engage with your data and deliver exceptional conversational experiences using ALANI. Upgrade to the New Individual Plan through your account settings, and unleash the full potential of bundleIQ.

3. Introducing the Team Plan: Collaborate and Scale Together - $250/mo

For users who desire collaboration and scalability, we are thrilled to introduce the Team Plan. Priced at $250 per month, this plan is tailored to meet the needs of teams working on knowledge management projects. The Team Plan includes:

  • ALANI chat: Create and manage up to 5 chatbots trained on your data
  • Bundles: Store and utilize up to 50,000 pages of data (equivalent to ~200 books)
  • Prompts: Get 500 prompts per month for AI-powered knowledge assistance
  • Contributors: Up to 5 team members can access and manage data in the bundleIQ workspace ($30/additional contributor)
  • Subscribers: Offers unlimited subscribers (read-only guests) access to your chatbot

The Team Plan empowers you and your colleagues to collaborate seamlessly, effortlessly share knowledge, and make the most of bundleIQ's powerful capabilities. To upgrade to the Team Plan or learn more, please visit your account settings.

4. Additional Prompts: Flexibility to Match Your Needs

To ensure we cater to your diverse requirements, we are in the process of finalizing the pricing for additional blocks of prompts. Soon, you will have the flexibility to add more prompts to any plan, allowing you to customize your subscription based on your specific needs. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development!

5. Enterprise Plans: Tailored Solutions for Companies

For companies with 100 or more employees seeking to leverage their proprietary data sets and transform them into personalized knowledge assistants, we offer specialized Enterprise Plans. To explore how bundleIQ can supercharge your organization's knowledge management efforts, please contact us at nick@bundleIQ.com. We'll be delighted to provide you with detailed information and discuss how we can meet your unique requirements.

At bundleIQ, our goal is to empower you with cutting-edge AI technologies, enhance collaboration, and unlock the true potential of your knowledge. We're excited about these subscription plan updates and believe they will elevate your experience significantly.

If you have any questions, concerns, or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at support@bundleIQ.com. We are always here to help!

Thank you for being a valued member of the bundleIQ community. Together, let's continue shaping the future of knowledge management and conversational AI.

Nick, Jeff & Andres

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