July 20, 2023

Extract, Save, and Summarize Transcripts from Any YouTube Video in Seconds

Nicholas Mohnacky

Are you tired of sifting through hours of video content to find the information you need? Do you struggle to keep up with important quotes and details from your favorite podcasts? Look no further than bundleIQ, a no-code tool for extracting, saving, and summarizing transcripts from any YouTube URL.

With bundleIQ, you can easily bundle up podcast transcripts like the All In Podcast Episode 125 or any other video content you need to analyze. The process is simple - click on the workspace, then click on the bundle. From there, click on the plus button and drop in the YouTube URL. Make sure to use the URL that says "watch," not "share," and then click upload.

Once the transcript is uploaded and parsed, you can click "summarize" and type in the range to summarize multiple pages simultaneously, making it easy to synthesize content quickly and get the gist faster.

Save your notes and summaries automatically, and keep track of your research over time. If you're a content creator, the tool is perfect for building narratives and newsletters, like the All In Soundbites on Substack. With bundleIQ, you can quickly and easily generate headlines and summaries for each section, then massage the content in your own words and publish it so others can subscribe.

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Nicholas Mohnacky
Tech Entrepreneur & Surfer
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