October 4, 2023

Removing bottlenecks while writing a book: The bundleIQ way

Nicholas Mohnacky

Writing a book is one of the most exciting things anyone can do. Even if you’re not an author by profession, there’s something so rewarding about sharing what you know with others. 

But that doesn’t mean it's an easy process. Even if you know exactly what you want to convey, and even if it's something you’re an expert on, you have to express that in a way your readers can understand and find exciting and entertaining to read. Just getting the first draft out of the door could take a lot of time and resources. 

Writers have to collect and compile all the facts and data, find a structure for the book, and comprehensively present the information. After the first draft, they have to work with the editor, conduct fact checks, get feedback from readers, and improve the content until it's ready to publish.  

That’s exactly what Michelle Bakels, program director at G2i was facing while writing her book. Read the Case Study.

The goal behind the book was to help developers have a better work/life balance

And it would be tough to find someone better suited to tell developers about work/life balance and productivity. Michelle has been working as a program director of developer health at G2i, an online platform that vets developers, evaluates their skills, and places them in top companies. She has worked as a software developer for many years and can therefore offer multiple perspectives on life as a developer. 

She started to work on the book a year ago – an operating system for developer health, and wrote the entire 80 pages without any AI assistance. bundleIQ became useful during the editing process. 

Michelle was already using ChatGPT but found it not so helpful with the book

With ChatGPT there were character (or token) limits, and she couldn’t put the entire text in it and work on it. She could of course upload specific sections and ask questions, but she couldn’t use it to see if the entire book is written well. Michelle needed something that could take an 80-page book and be able to answer holistic comprehension questions about it. 

With bundleIQ, she could upload the whole text, and it can act like a reader who can answer her questions. 

And Michelle was no stranger to bundleIQ  

Michelle was an early user of the solution and has been using it for the past two to three years. Being a tech expert, Michelle was very cynical of AI solutions – and bundleIQ was no exception. She had questions about data security and the bias problems common with AI solutions. But after using it for a while, she says she had “very candid conversations with the bundleIQ team about data security” and “was very satisfied with the answers.” 

So when she needed some help with her book, she knew bundleIQ would be perfect for the job. 

When Michelle started using bundleIQ, she was pleasantly surprised with the results

Michelle started by using bundleIQ to make sure she didn’t miss any important points. She used it to check the sentiment within the book to ensure it was positive and solution-oriented. Michelle has no intention of replacing actual peer reviews – but since they often take a long time, she figured bundleIQ could offer a better first pass.  

Michelle made around 10 bundles on the platform to help with her research. And she was able to cut down her research time from 5 hours a day to 3 hours, a 40% increase in efficiency.

She is planning to use bundleIQ to produce more content out of the book, such as blogs, tweets, teasers, and more. She also expects to use it to market the book through multiple channels and get it into the hands of more readers. 

“There’s no shortage of AI tools, but bundleIQ stands out with its exemplary customer support.” –Michelle Bakels

Michelle says that being in the tech industry, she has had a chance to try out many different AI products and that there are hardly any bad options. But she says that bundleIQ stood out to her with its amazing customer support. 

According to Michelle, “bundleIQ team is very communicative, customer care and response.” She was also very impressed with the fact that CEO Nicholas Mohnacky often jumps into calls with customers facing issues and listens to their concerns. 

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